colvico truckColvico, Inc. specializes in utility and off-site work, including airport runway lighting and signage, duct banks, trenching, parking lighting, traffic signals, street lighting, and high-voltage cable and switching. Another large portion of our work includes major industrial and commercial projects, with service and small contracts making up the remainder of our volume.

As a union contractor, Colvico can mobilize a large crew of qualified electricians and power equipment operators on relatively short notice, and we maintain considerable bonding capacities and insurance provisions, which allow us to pursue virtually any electrical project.

Electrical Contractor BackhoeOur competitiveness and efficiency are partly due to our in-house inventory of backhoes, dump trucks, bucket trucks, line-auger rigs, pickups and utility vehicles, and other hard-working equipment. This allows us to sole-source our projects, without depending on outside vendors and subcontractors. By having craftsmen and equipment ready to go to work, we also streamline installation time, resulting in lower overall costs.

Finally, Colvico can attribute its ongoing success to its people. Our diverse staff of craftsmen and managers represents a wealth of expertise and dedication unsurpassed in the industry. High morale, low turnover and continual education and training have made Colvico’s personnel our greatest asset. Through the dedicated performance of our people, Colvico remains a success in the electrical industry, year after year.


By combining all phases of the electrical and construction disciplines, Colvico incorporates a vast skill mix, capable of providing the customer with expertise, efficiency, and technical proficiency. As a full-service electrical and construction contractor, our main focus is to offer our customers a cost-effective, schedule-driven, quality-enhanced alternative to their installation, upgrading and maintenance needs.